How do you deal with your life when you feel you are about to fall on your face?

Often in life, we want someone to put their hand on your shoulder and say, everything is going to be alright.

This new-year’s eve at the family meeting, I heard everyone speaking about their society- driven success. They all were having big educational achievements, career promotions, and steady relationships.

Even though I wanted to be happy at their success I felt life was being cruel on me and even, I was in a room full of people I felt more alone. That made me think about putting myself first because I had a constant battle with my thoughts and my mind was just too loud. Sometimes all we need in our life is a patting on our shoulder, and people telling us that everything will be okay.

So, despite everything I figured I had to inculcate a few daily habits to bring calmness and strength.

1. Reading at bedtime

Reading fiction promotes unwinding and releases worry so that we can be ready to face the new day.

2. Contact one friend and one family member

Have a go-to person, connect with an old friend or a family member ask them how they are. I realized that I wasn’t the only one with painful thoughts. I connected with them and was able to listen deeply.

3. Starting the day with some positive affirmations

4. I started exercising for 20 minutes daily. I had friends who always said that they gave up on their fitness plan because they don’t enjoy it because sticking to a routine was difficult. So I started to exercise as a fun activity and it helped me to keep practicing regularly.

5. I started writing my gratitude journal, where I would write the good things that I did, things I would be grateful for, and things I did to achieve my goal.

These habits aren't very difficult to try, nor are something that hasn't been mentioned earlier, but once you start bringing these small changes, they leave a big impact on you.